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Eri Ito
Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy

Recover. Regain Strength. Return to Being You.

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Meet Eri

Authenticity, being true to who we are without trying to be something else, is the key to our spiritual growth and the basis of all healings. I wish to provide the healing space for you by making you feel authentic, present and free to express who you are. In this way, more profound healing can take place within each of us. Being the support for your healing journey will be my greatest passion and delight...

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What Acupuncture Can Help

Here are some examples of conditions acupuncture can help for the short term (up to 3 months). 

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Headache - Tension Type &  Migraine

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Temporomandibular (TMD/TMJ) Pain

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Chronic Lower Backache 

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Osteoarthritis knee 

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Neck Pain -

Chronic & Acute



1hr £60

Book 4 treatments for £200 (£50 each)

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of ‘qi’, your body’s vital energy...

Parkinson and alzheimer female senior el


First Treatment

& Consultation

1hr 30 min - 2 hr



If you are my first-time patient, your pre-session consultation will take place via video-conferencing online – rather than face to face...

Shoulder Treatment

Shiatsu Therapy

1hr £60

1hur 30min £80


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese acupressure manual therapy. The Japanese word, "Shiatsu" 指圧, means "finger pressure"...

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What My Patients Say

"Eri-san has been a reputed and skilled oriental bodywork therapist. Recently, she has added a diploma for a certified UK acupuncturist. 

Her skillset is broad-based; she constantly treats in the most accommodative manner to patient’s conditions. She also academically updates specialists for the most appropriate methodology from time to time.

On the back of her strong knowledge base of Eastern medical theories and philosophical understanding in mind and body, she has contributed significantly with her commitments to improve my severe damages on muscle tissues and nerve systems from spinal cord injuries despite through recent pandemic period adhering to UK government guidelines.

I believe that her treatments would resolve more UK patients for revitalisation in body and soul as far as she pursues “God hands” with her hearted passion in the long run."

K. Y.


"Being healthy is neither our right nor purpose as a human being. But it is our obligation, responsibility, and the means to fulfil our true potential and dreams to live a happy life."

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