Shiatsu Massage Therapy



I think the most important quality for a therapist of oriental energy medicine and massage is the discipline to constantly cultivate one’s connection between mind, body, heart, and soul. I believe that by strengthening, maintaining and balancing these connections and having the right skill, we can diagnose accurately using both our knowledge and intuition; healing people with compassion. 


I practice healing and meditative movement disciplines such as yoga, tai chi, Chinese martial arts and reiki to keep myself strong, happy and vibrant every day. I also believe that the accumulation of day-to-day physical and spiritual training is essential for building the ability to help heal others while also healing myself. 


I am also passionate about all sorts of dietary practices and healthy eating. I have worked for an organic health food company for many years. I feel especially aligned to macrobiotic principles, and I try to consume organic, sustainable, seasonal, plant-based foods as much as possible for the benefits to both my body and the planet.


I believe that being healthy is neither our right nor purpose as a human being but our obligation, responsibility and also the means to fulfil our true potential and dreams so we can live a happy life. Throughout my career as a therapist, I wish to continuously help, encourage, inspire, motivate and educate others to heal themselves and be at their optimum health so that they can live a fulfilling life. 


I frequently travel to Japan and Thailand to continue my training and also to improve my Shiatsu and Thai Massage skills. Currently, I am studying Acupuncture at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

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