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About Eri


I have been practising Shiatsu Therapy for over ten years. After three years of training at the Zen School of Shiatsu in London, I went to Japan to train in Keiraku Shiatsu at Iokai in Tokyo, the institute founded by Shizuto Masunaga, a founder of Zen(Keiraku) Shiatsu. I learnt Masunaga’s method as close to his original teaching as possible, which is rare in the west.

I am currently training in Seiki Shiatsu, developed by Tzvika Calisar. Seiki Shiatsu is nearly a complete or upgraded version of Masunaga-style Shiatsu combined with other styles such as Namikoshi. I have completed a year-long Level 1 (out of 3) training and am qualified to treat Seiki Shiatsu at this level.


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine 

I completed my degree (BSc, Hon) in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), a well-known institute for teaching the unique method which integrates two styles of acupuncture, Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). (Read more about Five Element and TCM acupuncture.)

During my study at CICM, I intensively trained in treating the issues rooted in psychoemotional and spiritual aspects and various physical symptoms based on the principles of the solid foundation of TCM and Five Element acupuncture. With those integrated acupuncture systems, I aim to treat the root cause of your ailments, support you through life challenges and promote emotional and mental well-being.


My background 

I grew up in Niigata, northwest of rural Japan, with beautiful sea and mountains, in a village surrounded by rice farms. I moved to the UK in 2004. 

In my 20s, I explored various Traditional movement therapies, bodywork and meditations such as Thai massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and oriental martial art. In addition, I completed a professional intensive Thai massage course in Chaing Mai, Thailand. 

Before pursuing my career in Shiatsu and acupuncture, I worked in an organic health food company for many years. Therefore, healing with food, "food as medicine', is something I am passionate about. Eating mindfully and practising meditative movement disciplines are still essential to keep me healthy, happy, and vibrant daily.

Recently, I have been through pregnancy, childbirth, and challenging postpartum. And now, being a mother of a small child, I realise even more how important health is to all of us, our children, family, and friends. Health and well-being are essential in whatever we do in our life. Thus, I have become even more passionate about cultivating a lifestyle that promotes our health and nourishes our hearts. 


Continual Education and Training

I am studying Chinese herbal medicine at a postgraduate level at Nothern College of Acupuncture (NCA), York.


My Philosophy

Compassion, Non-Judgement and Authenticity

For healing, therapists need the correct, adequate skills, knowledge and techniques to treat the patients and understand the deeper aspects of a human being, which takes diligent practices of the therapist’s inner work and self-development, such as cultivating compassion, non-judgement and authenticity. Authenticity, being true to who we are without trying to be something else, is the key to our spiritual growth and the basis of all healing. I wish to provide a healing space by making you feel authentic, present and free to express yourself. In this way, more profound healing can occur. Supporting your healing journey will be my greatest passion and delight. 

Self-Cultivation as a Therapist and Intention to Help Heal ​

I believe the essential quality for an energy medicine therapist is the dedication and the discipline to continually cultivate the connection between mind, body, heart, and spirit. By strengthening and balancing these connections and having the right skill, we can diagnose accurately using our knowledge and intuition. 

Masunaga said being healthy is neither our right nor our purpose. But it is our obligation, responsibility, and means to fulfil our true potential and dreams to live a happy life. Therefore, I wish to continuously help, inspire, and motivate you to be at your optimum self so that you will achieve your full potential and live a fulfilling life.

Education and Certifications

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, BSc(Hon), LicAc, Reading, UK

Advanced Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma (accredited by Middlesex University)

London, UK. 

Certificate of Seiki Shiatsu, Level 1, London, UK

The intensive workshop at Iokai Shiatsu Centre, the institute founded by Shizuto Masunaga who developed the theory and practise called Keiraku Shiatsu, which is the origin of what is now called Zen Shiatsu in the West. Tokyo, Japan

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