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What is Keiraku Shiatsu?


“Shiatsu” is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure”. It is a traditional Japanese acupressure therapy practised both in Japan and in the west today. Keiraku (or Iokai) Shiatsu was developed by Shizuto Masunaga and is the practice that combines Shiatsu with Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) theory. 


Keiraku means “meridian”, an energy channel. Meridians are channels/lines that run just below the skin and are spread all over the body. What flows through the meridians is called Ki in Japanese and Qi in Chinese. It is the life force or vital energy that drives all physiological, mental and emotional functions necessary for living. 


Keiraku Shiatsu is the origin of what is now called 'Zen Shiatsu' in the West. I am trained in Keiraku Shiatsu at Iokai Centre in Japan, the institute Masunaga founded and use its techniques in all my treatments.




How does Keiraku Shiatsu work?


By applying the right level of pressure along the meridians, the distortion is corrected, and the receiver can go back to a healthy, balanced state.  Keiraku Shiatsu is the hands-on therapy that helps heal and prevent disease, correct imbalances, and promote health by stimulating good energy flow in the meridians. 




The benefit of Keiraku Shiatsu

Based on the theory of oriental medicine, the purpose of Keiraku Shiatsu is not about curing disease as isolated entities, but it aims to make the sick get back to their optimum health so that their body can heal on its own. Keiraku Shiatsu is also one of the safest therapies, and it is simple yet has a reliable effect when applied correctly. Keiraku Shiatsu can help to balance numerous physical, psychological and emotional conditions.



How the treatment takes place

The treatment is usually performed on a Futon mattress on the floor with the receiver fully clothed. The practitioner applies pressure with their own hands, thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, and knees to treat the whole area of the receiver’s body including, abdomen, feet, face, and head. Some stretchings are incorporated. 



Before the treatment

  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothes.

  • Do not have a large meal or any alcohol.

  • Read consultation form carefully and make sure you understood everything. I will bring a printed consultation form for you to fill out and sign.



You cannot have treatment if you: 

  • have fever

  • have been pregnant for less than three months

  • have any serious illness or injuries that need GP’s approval to have Shiatsu, and you haven't obtained one

  • have any medical condition that requires immediate medical help such as infection, fever, injuries that are still at the acute stage, etc.

  • have any contagious disease such as skin disease, infection, etc.


Cancellation Policy

Please be reminded of my cancellation policy as below.

  • Cancellation on the day of your treatment: 100% fee will apply.

  • Cancellation the day before of your treatment: 50% treatment value fee will apply.

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