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Connection to Your Heart and the Ultimate Self-Love

The energetic heart centre 💚 has been mentioned in various philosophies, traditions, spiritualism, new-age, and esoteric practices such as the chakra system and Daoism. ☯️ In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart is where the Spirit resides; therefore, a healthy Heart maintains a connection with our physical being and spiritual/energetic being. And this spiritual self within us connects to the universal energy. The Heart is also the centre of our mental, emotional and psychological beings so governs all the aspects of our psycho-emotional functions. The Heart is also where we receive love through the connection with other people as well as the universal love through the direct connection with the Spirit or universal source/God, whatever you want to name it. ✨✨

In Seiki Shiatsu, to connect to Seiki, you need to cultivate the connection with our heart first because Seiki, which means vital energy or internal healing force, is only felt inside our heart, and cannot be found by relying on sight or palpation. Seiki meaning 'life force or vital energy', is the state of primordial energy before it divides to Yin and Yang. Therefore, Seiki contains, transcends and unifies the two opposing forces of Yin and Yang, thus everything, Tao. ☯️ Therefore, it is essential that Seiki Shiatsu students develop the awareness of feeling their own heart and the connection to it by practicing meditation, bodywork and Qi-based movement exercises.

In Daoism, Mantak Chia explains that the highest virtue we can achieve is compassion. ☺️ And it is cultivated through the connection to our heart first, and then our heart connects to the universe. Hence, you experience the oneness of all existence. So in this state of oneness, you are the same as everyone else. There is no separation between you and the rest of others. The state of compassion comes from this experiencing of oneness with all the existence. Therefore, if some people are experiencing pain, you feel it as your own, thus you will feel the urge to help them. This state of compassion can only be achieved when you have mastered the cultivation of strength and self-love within ourselves first without relying on external sources. Otherwise, you end up mixing sympathy with compassion which are two different things.

Because the experience of direct contact to our heart can be only felt inside us but cannot be comprehended by the analytical mind. For example, you may feel it energetically and emotionally; warm sensation (Qi) emerges from your heart and spreading to the whole body, making you feel relaxed, satisfied, and appreciate everything in life. 😊 You may get the sensation of being filled with positive energy in your heart so that you are inspired to act in a certain way or just feel energised and healed.

Just like the Daoist teaching, ‘Dao De Jing’ (Chapter One), says, ’The Dao that can be spoken is not a constant Dao. The name that can be named is not a constant name.’ So reading numerous books about the self-help, philosophies, spiritualism, new-age, esoteric practices and understating in words and memorising the description of it 📚 cannot automatically connect you with your own heart. It is actually the opposite; when you let go of your analytical mind, the heart feeling emerges. 💚

Some may be dedicated to practice some form of meditations and spiritual practices diligently to cultivate such a connection. Indeed, the Spirit cannot reside safely in our Heart when our mind is too busy thinking and occupied, therefore, stilling our mind and emptying chattering naturally lead to opening and connection to our heart. By making 'space' in our Heart, Spirit can enter our Heat, which gives us a sense of presence, genuine contentment and peacefulness, where universal love emerges, and where you experience oneness. That is the ultimate self-love. 🙏 💚

Photo taken in Niigata, Japan, 🇯🇵 May 2019

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