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The Journey of Seiki Shiatsu Vol. 4

Updated: May 28, 2020

During the workshop Master(Sensei) Tzvika described his experience of practising Buddhism in the past. Tzvika Sensei wanted to become egoless and a ‘better’ person by exerting himself rigorously to strict Buddhism of chanting and praying for hundreds of times every day. Despite his devotion, he felt he was becoming even more egoistic, ‘maniac’, self-centred, and felt worse.

What he was trying to say here is that always striving to be ‘better’ or ‘spiritual’ by strictly following ‘spiritual practices’ to remove ego will not automatically make you 'better', egoless or enlightened. Because the ego is part of us and it is not ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. The ego itself is neutral. We need the ego to survive in this world to deal with all the practical matters in daily life. Wanting to be ‘egoless’ or ‘better person’ is still the ego’s desire, and without ego, nothing can be accomplished in this physical world. Tzvika Sensei explains that ego is also the fuel for action.

Tzvika Sensei explains this clearly with an example of a rocket. The fuel or propellant of the rocket has the power to go beyond the Earth’s gravity. Once ignited, the propellant creates enough thrust to get into space from Earth. When the rocket reaches space, the fuel/propellant is no longer needed, thus detached and released from the rocket.

This can also apply to the Tsubo treatment of Seiki Shiatsu.

1. We need to have an intention to awaken the internal healing force within the patient, which comes from our ego and is the necessary first step; we have a clear purpose/intention (ego) to find Tsubo/Seiki point in the patient by connecting with our own Seiki which resides in our own heart (not the actual patient). In the Seiki method, we do not look for Tsubo/Seiki points by physically searching, palpating or trying to locate anatomically. Instead, we tune into it within ourself first and 'see' it in our heart (I know, it is difficult to understand its concept by words. You need to experience it).

2. Once we identify the zone, which is the area where all Meridians pass, we try to find the exact Tsubo/Seiki points within the zone. Tsubo could be found on any Meridian, but they can be felt only by the right intention (awakening the internal healing force) and correct application of Seiki method (correct angle, direction, posture, the focus of gaze, the movement centred around the hara/abdomen, etc.)

3. Once we find the Seiki point/Tsubo, we express our heart towards the Tsubo by deepening the pressure slightly and angling accurately. Because Tsubo is the expression of our life force, by stimulating and releasing it by the correct application of pressure with clear intension, our internal healing force is awakened; thus, healing takes place within the patient.

4. At this point, we need to let go of our intention (ego = fuel/propellant used for launching the rocket is no longer needed). It is the domain/world of Qi/Ki, and at this stage, you need to let go of your ego and intention entirely and stay connected to Seiki and just observe. The sensation of Ki/Qi felt through Tsubo could be described as below: - something is pushing against your thumb - something is melting under your thumb And there are many layers and depths to the levels of Qi/Ki, and it is never-ending as the healing becomes deeper.

* Seiki meaning 'life force or vital energy', is the state of primordial energy before it divides to Yin and Yang. Therefore, Seiki contains, transcends and unifies the two opposing forces of Yin and Yang, thus everything.

Seiki Shiatsu method is systematic, thorough and needs to be precise. It requires the practitioner's multiple aspects of focus and skills such as intention (mind& heart), posture (physicality), the movement centred around the hara/abdomen (like Japanese martial art), the singly-focused gaze (mind & eyes). And Seiki Shiatsu practitioners are encouraged to practice Aiki (the exercise based on Japanese martial art, Aikido) to cultivate the sensitivity to Qi and the correct use of their body), and internal work such as meditation or self-development to develop awareness within.

The teachings are mainly practical with some lectures interspersed between practices. Tzvika Sensei pays attention to each student, and his instruction is tailored to their individual needs at their level. So anyone can join the workshop at any level anytime. The workshop is filled with lots of laughter with Tzvika Sensei's humour and jokes, but also intense learning and healing can take place. I have attended four workshops so far, and there has never been a dull moment!

For more information on Seiki Meridian Shiatsu: It is a Japanese traditional medical Shiatsu 🇯🇵, acupressure therapy, developed by Tzvika Calisar. Tzvika Sensei/teacher, currently based in Israel, has over thirty-five years of experience in practising and teaching Shiatsu. He lived in Japan, studied, practised and taught various styles of Shiatsu for over a decade. He frequently travels to teach Seiki Shiatsu worldwide including Europe and the UK. 🌎 ✈️

The workshop takes place every three months in London. 🇬🇧

Dates for the London workshop in 2020: January 24-26 April 24-26 July 24-26 October 9-11

For information on Seiki Meridian Shiatsu, visit https://www.seikishiatsu.org For workshops in London, contact me. Eri Ito seikishiatsu.uk@gmail.com

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