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Starting to draw again after many years....

Everyone has their own way, but for me, drawing is the safest way to express the emotions, feelings, and thoughts which I don't know what to do with. They can cause various emotional, mental and physical discomfort and pain in everyday life, from mild to severe. And, often, I cannot allow myself to express them or find a way to resolve them.

Drawing allows me to dive into and shed light on the inner world of unconsciousness, where unwanted emotions reside and hide. Art can release or transform them, thus allowing me to feel calm and relieved from any pressing, urgent emotional pain and discomfort.

The type of art which has a purpose of emotional outlet is not always pleasant to look at. They are not necessarily entertaining, beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. Because the artwork itself is like the outcome of the emotional purge. They are the result of whatever was pushed back into the hidden corners of the unconscious coming out to the surface to be expressed, felt, and experienced fully. They are the parts of my self which needs to be embraced without being hated, judged, disgusted, repulsed, shamed and guilted for existing. We need to embrace the unwanted aspect of ourselves as much as our accepted self.

I feel inspired again to get back to drawing after some years. By engaging purely in the act of drawing, and deeply connecting to the inner world, I feel as if the lost part of myself is placed back in the right place, just like a puzzle. This allows me to experience the glimpse of wholeness once again, which was forgotten for so long. Art is therapy. Hopefully, we all find our own way of re-connecting with our core, deep within, which is the truth of who we are. And, we must find the way on our own as no one else can do it for us.

Pencil and charcoal drawing, April 2020

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