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The Beginning of A New Era After the Lockdown

More than a month has passed since the lockdown started. The unsettling, chaotic and highly adrenalised first few weeks seem to have become past. Like anyone else, I am still concerned with my financial situation and job and experiencing occasional fear, uncertainty and worry which creep in during the night. But most of the time, I am enjoying what I can do right now and appreciate every little thing in my life.

Everyone is in a different situation; some of you might be struggling to manage your life more than others such as work, families, children, schools, etc. And you may wish this time will be over soon as possible and desperately hope everything will get back to exactly the same as before all this pandemic happened.

There are many articles about how this global lockdown is benefiting the environment and earth. 🌍 We have known how our current way of life and the system are not sustainable for the planet (but it is for the economy, unfortunately). I now almost feel the idea of wanting to go back to life before the Coronavirus is just the convenience for the human ego and greed.

Maybe, we are starting a new era, which we will need to adapt. We need to change so many of our mindsets to get used to the new beginning. For example, right now, we cannot have access to many things which used to give us comfort and pleasure. And this inconvenience may not be temporary. Even if they become available, we may need to consciously choose to give up some of them for the planet. Or, we may be forced to give up many things due to financial situations which severely affected many of us.

The world has already changed. Even after the lockdown is over, or the virus becomes manageable, the world we live may not be back to the same again. And people also might have changed in so many ways. For example, our way of thinking, perspectives, values, priorities, etc. are not the same as before. We won’t forget this experience; it has shifted many of our consciousness to a deep level, positively or negatively (or both).

It is up to us, each individual choice, to use this opportunity to make a positive approach toward our new life and future. For ourselves and the people around us, and the world where we live. 🙏

First time self portrait by pencil ✍️ May 2020

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