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Cultivating the Connection With Our Heart Is the Centre of Spiritual Practices

☯️ Taoist teaching emphasises the importance of cultivating the connection with our heart and virtuous emotions such as love, kindness, compassion, honesty, etc. 💚 As you incorporate some form of spiritual practices in your life, you may feel the increased vital and spiritual energy which starts to improve all aspects of your being physically, emotionally and mentally. However, if you do not consciously and actively dedicate yourself to cultivate such virtuous energies within yourself and to connect with your heart, this accumulated energy can easily flood to your negative aspects of yourself and emotions. Negative aspects are your weakness, shadow, lack, or unhealed part of you, which can drive you to act in a certain way unconsciously. Therefore, if you are not healed, accumulated energy leads to exacerbation of those negative tendencies which you may have. 😖

For example, you may have experienced the increase of overall energy through spiritual practices. But if you do not make an effort to heal your shadow and weakness, you may unintentionally end up transferring all your accumulated energy to your shadow/darkness. Unconsciously you will put all your effort feeding your weakness and lack, where you feel most emotionally starved, through external sources such as money and other people. You may use your newly gained spiritual power and charisma to manipulate other people and use others as the means to satisfy your starving monster inside. We all do this, but if the person with high charisma or spiritually recognised status like gurus do this, the effect is much more harmful with more significant scale. 😱😱

Having a superpower does not mean they will use it to serve the others right. That’s why there are so many ‘fake’ gurus with a superpower who manipulate and try to keep their people/students powerlessness. Their people obey the guru, thus giving what a guru wants. Such 'fake' gurus may have completed unbelievable spiritual discipline, naturally gifted with a superpower or can lift themselves up from the ground against the gravity with their energy alone. But if they have not cultivated the virtue of compassion and also have not dedicated themselves to heal unleaded parts of themselves, they will continue to rely on external sources and people to feel empowered. And it is dangerous. People who do not believe their own power will immediately give their power away and depend on those gurus. 🙇‍ 🙇‍

I have come across a gifted healer who uses his power for sexual advancement, and a guru who is more concerned about their financial gain than teaching and caring for their students. On the contrary, I know many ‘ordinary’ people who are not interested in spiritualism or cannot lift themselves up from the ground with their energy. Still, they possess tremendous virtuous energies of compassion, love, happiness, joy, kindness, honesty, and modesty. Their presence and company simply make others happy in their day to day life. 😊

Real masters (gurus) remind you of the truth that you are the master of yourself. True masters remind you that you have the power within and teach us how to access our own power/love.

I feel lucky and honoured to have met such a master, Tzvika Calisar, who possess compassion and love, as well as dedication and passion for spreading Seiki Shiatsu to the world. Although he does not fit to an image of the stereotypical guru 😂, his heart can direct all his students to the path of love, compassion and healing (and I believe he has some kind of superpower). 💚☺️✨

Just to remind you again: as we become more and more awakened through spiritual practices, our own light becomes stronger and brighter, which leads us to the realisation of even stronger contrast of the opposite, our shadow and darkness. 😖Therefore, more and more, we must devote ourself to observe, acknowledge, accept and heal those shadows and darkness. 💪 And compassion and the connection to our heart is the foundation and centre for this process. 🙏💚✨

Photo taken at the Ueno Park, Tokyo, 🇯🇵 MAY 2019

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