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The Journey of Seiki Shiatsu Vol. 3

Updated: May 28, 2020

Seiki Shiatsu practitioners are not encouraged to be only ‘good’ or so-called ‘spiritual’ all the time. Because spirituality in Seiki Shiatsu means living with the acceptance of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘light and dark’.

Through their meditation practices and internal work, Seiki Shiatsu practitioners learn to look deep inside their heart, observe whatever is coming up, which could be negative thoughts, positive feelings, such as happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, etc., some of which are opposing and conflicting each other. We learn to acknowledge and accept all of them without judging or pushing them away. If we look even deeper inside to the bottom of our heart, there is a place of Seiki, which transcends everything; negative, positive, dark, light, Yin, Yang, etc.

* Seiki meaning 'life force or vital energy', is the state of primordial energy before it divides to Yin and Yang. Therefore, Seiki contains, transcends and unifies the two opposing forces of Yin and Yang, thus everything.

We are made of all of them, negative, positive, yin and yang. We are never only made of one thing. We have many different personalities, emotions, and thoughts in ourselves. Most of us are conditioned to express only the positive (socially acceptable) traits of ourselves to the world and want to think we are 'good'. But, just as light cannot exist without shadow, we cannot be positive without having a negative trait.

Tzvika Sensei advises students to be aware of the by-product of our increased sensitivity, which we cultivate through the Seiki practices. The more our awareness expands, the more we become sensitive to the energies of other people and ourselves, which inevitably, makes us react strongly to certain people or circumstances. We may notice more of the shadow aspects of ourselves, which we may see in others by reflecting on us. Just like our light of awareness increases, the shadow will become darker.

Tzvika Sensei teaches that we have a choice to follow and act on whatever we want, the light, the Seiki way, or even the dark. For example, if what you were most attracted were to follow the dark side, follow it. Bright side, follow it. Whichever way you choose to follow, enjoy it. One day, you may feel inspired to follow the Seiki way, or may not. But do not lie to yourself and do not force yourselves to do only ‘good’ things when you do not feel like doing so. The totality and acceptance of everything, including the ‘dark’ and ‘bad is the way to Seiki.

For more information on Seiki Meridian Shiatsu: It is a Japanese traditional medical Shiatsu, acupressure therapy, developed by Tzvika Calisar. Tzvika Sensei/teacher, currently based in Israel, has over thirty-five years of experience in practising and teaching Shiatsu. He lived in Japan, studied, practised and taught various styles of Shiatsu for over a decade. He frequently travels to teach Seiki Shiatsu worldwide including Europe and the UK.

The workshop takes place every three months in London.

For information on Seiki Meridian Shiatsu, visit https://www.seikishiatsu.org For workshops in London, contact me. Eri Ito seikishiatsu.uk@gmail.com

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