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Home Visit Shiatsu Therapy

Home visit service of traditional Japanese acupressure manual therapy

  • 1 hour
  • Starting from £70
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese acupressure massage. The Japanese word, "Shiatsu" 指圧, means "finger pressure". The Japanese have long had a tradition of giving acupressure to each other to relax and maintain health while also encouraging bonding. The techniques of acupressure were passed down through generations and developed into Shiatsu as a traditional healing art. Benefit of Shiatsu Shiatsu's purpose is not about curing disease as isolated entities, but it aims to help the patient reach their optimum health so that their body can heal on its own. Shiatsu is also one of the safest therapies. It is simple, yet has a reliable effect when applied correctly. Shiatsu can help numerous physical, psychological and emotional problems. The treatment takes place on a mattress on the floor. The receiver is fully clothed. We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing for treatment. ​ Before Shiatsu treatment - Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. - Do not have a large meal or any alcohol. - Read consultation form carefully and sign after making sure you understood everything. You cannot have treatment if you: - have fever - have been pregnant for less than three months - have any serious illness or injuries that need GP's approval to have treatment, and you haven't obtained one - have any medical condition that requires immediate medical help such as infection, fever, injuries that are still at the acute stage. - have any contagious disease such as skin disease, and infection.

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5 Chaseley Drive, London W4 4BD, UK

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